Highlights of the Events

A busy month of engaging events for Cyber Cert Labs.

On June 12th we attended the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) General Assembly and post event in Brussels. Our CEO Patricia Shields took part in a panel session on capacity building, competitiveness and industrial policy. See the blog on this event here. European Cyber Security Organisation panel session in Brussels June 2024

On June 25th our CTO and CEO attended the first National Cyber Security Conference in Dublin Castle. This event touched on topics of national importance in terms of what the National Cyber Security Centre has achieved in the past few years and what it’s mandate is for Ireland and in Europe. There were insightful panel session on AI and big tech on the subject of threats and how they counteracted serious attacks.

The same day our CEO Patricia Shields attended the online launch of the European Digital SME alliance new ISAC for SMEs. There was a presentation from ENISA on the best practices for setting up an ISAC and also a panel session in which ISAC members discussed how they see the ISAC benefitting the SME members. Our CEO presented and mainly concentrated on the Cyber Resilience Act and how Cyber Cert Labs hopes to contribute it’s expertise to assist SMEs in understanding and implementing the CRA.

On Thursday 27th June our CEO attended the Cyber Ireland Dublin chapter in person meetup. This was an engaging and interactive events. Cyber Cert Labs presented a high level overview of the Cyber Resilience Act for the audience and received many questions on it’s scope and how it might affect SMEs.

Lastly Friday 28th June will be the last workshop session for the CyberHive Taskforce CyberHive Europe TaskForce in which Cyber Cert Labs has contributed over the past few months. Cyberhive EUROPE® offers a unified matchmaking tool specialised to promote and discover cybersecurity solutions beyond your local borders. The Taskforce is a temporary group where industry experts support designing a trustworthy and replicable mechanism to evaluate European cybersecurity solutions. In 4 workshops, the Task Force will construct a method supported by vendors, end-users and investors, to evaluate cybersecurity solutions grouped by the NIST framework. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this taskforce and hope to promote the use of the marketplace and European solutions going forward.

Our CEO Patricia Shields taking part in the ECSO General assembly post event